Lofts may be installed by students in all student rooms EXCEPT FOR The Courtyard and Thomson Hall. The IronNest conforms to the Winthrop loft policy at you should visit that page for the inspection requirements. The IronNest is provided with plastic caps that must remain inserted into the loft bed leg bottoms to protect the floor from being scratched.

Products Available For:

Winthrop University

Important Information


Products available for delivery to your university at a central location, for you to pick-up on move-in days.

PICKUP: Wed Aug 16, Fri Aug 18, 2023 times: 8:30am – 3:00pm at the loading dock of Dalton Bldg.
BUYBACK: Sun April 21, 2024 12 – 2pm and Mon April 22, 2024 9-11am at the loading dock of Dalton Bldg.


Buyback Option

Products are available for purchase. If you only want the loft bed for 1 year, no problem. Near the end of the school-year we will offer a $100 CASH Buyback.


For more information:

TN1071P IronNest Loft Bed




TN220P Pillow Shelf (convenient)


  • Located above your head.
  • Customized to fit the IronNest.
  • For night items (phone, charger water, etc.).
  • Folded up edges prevent items from falling.



Buyback Option

WHO: Our BUYBACK is offered as a CONVENIENCE option for students who purchase the IronNest for the ’23-‘24 school year and wish to return it to us at the end of the spring semester ‘24.

WHAT: We will pay $100 cash for your loft bed (+ pillow shelf if ordered).

WHEN / WHERE: Sun April 21, 2024 12 – 2PM and Mon April 22, 2024 9-11am at the loading dock of Dalton Bldg near Wofford Hall. This is just BEFORE exams and quiet hours, so you should plan to reassemble the issued low bed for the last week of school.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: We will send out an email reminder before the buyback date but we recommend an alternate method to remind yourself so that you can plan accordingly. (You may login to our website any time to review your order.)

PLEASE NOTE: We will deduct for parts that are missing, damaged beyond normal wear, or that may have stickers or writings. (Damages are not common, but would include severe rust.) Part deductions are as follows: large frame piece $50, pole $20, incomplete hardware or tools $10.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to put together?

Assembly is fairly straightforward. We recommend following the INSTRUCTIONS carefully. (If you want a copy send us a contact-us request.) There are 14 bolts w/ nuts and the wrenches are included. You may also check out our assembly video.

What do I do with the low bed issued to the room?

You will use the bed-spring (and mattress) on the loft bed, but not the 2 bed-ends. These ends come off, typically without tools, and store flat in your room so you can reassemble the low bed at the end of the year. (If you get the pillow shelf, a nice space is created between the end of the loft bed and the wall that
fits these ends.)

I can't get the low bed apart, is there a trick?

Yes! Most of the issued low beds have ends (headboard/footboard) that attach with a hook & pin design. If these are hard to get off – try this: Turn the low-bed assembly completely over, lift 1 end only – up off the floor. Move your toes out of the way! Drop it to the floor & the spring should crash down. If no luck, try it with some force.

Why is the Buyback before the end of exams?

The colleges prefer us to collect the loft beds before the quiet hours begin; at the end of the spring semester between the end of class and beginning of exams. Additionally, students disperse all throughout finals week, so we choose a day when everyone is in session. We are not local (based in Raleigh NC), and try to make it a weekend day to accommodate students and parents.

What tools are required?

The tools are provided in the hardware bag: One 3/16 Allen wrench and one ½ inch combination wrench.

Will it fit my Twin XL mattress and spring issued to the room?

The IronNest is designed to accommodate bed-springs and mattresses ranging from 72″ to 84″ long and 34″ to 39″ wide.

How do the products ship?

They are shipped in bulk in accordance with the Pickup information displayed on this page and on the brochure. The IronNest is too large to ship them individually to the customers’ homes.

What is the finish?

It is powder coated to provide a high quality, durable finish. Color is predominantly black with speckles of silver, or brown are the 2 colors we have. Color preference is usually not possible, as supplies can be limited at time of pick-up.

Why is there is a space between my bed-spring and the side rail of the loft bed?

There may be a 3” space because the loft bed is universally designed for a wide range of bedframe sizes and styles. We strongly suggest that the safety rail is to be used in the appropriate position so it is to prevent you from rolling out of bed. We also recommend that you use the zip ties that are provided to secure the bedframe to the cross supports of the loft bed to prevent movement of the bedframe.

What is the pillow shelf?

It is a shelf for night items like a phone, book, glass of water, etc. Positions above your head at the end opposite that you climb up on, and has folded-up edges to keep things from falling off.

Does the height adjust?

Yes. It adjusts to 3 height settings (see the product 3D views with dimensions online). You should determine the height setting of the bed before starting the assembly; otherwise you will have to completely disassemble it in order to adjust the height.

Does it have a safety rail?

Yes. We STRONGLY recommend that you install the safety rail as directed in the instructions.

Is the bed sturdy?

Yes it is. You must however snug tight ALL of the 14 nuts & bolts for the bed to be rigid. Any loose bolts will compromise the stability. Do NOT over-tighten however; only tighten the nuts with the light duty wrench that is provided. We recommend checking all the bolts for tightness 1 or 2 times throughout the
school year.

How big are they when they are shipped?

The 3 large pieces stack together to form a bundle 42″ wide x 76″ long x 2″ thick. (No box) The five poles (square-tube parts) are stretch wrapped together. Shelf is separate, and the bolts/ tools/ instructions are in the hardware bag. Total weight is about 100 lbs.

What are the weight limits?

The TN1071 Iron Nest is designed to hold 1000 pounds of evenly distributed weight not in motion.

What do we do if we don’t have a bed-spring?

All colleges that we service have bed-springs that fit on top of the IronNest. We may have a slat system available. If you are interested in this, please send us a Contact Us request.

Is the TN1071 Iron Nest only available to college students?

Yes, the Iron Nest is only to be used in college dormitory rooms, or in an institutional setting. It is not to be used in a residential setting, such as a house or apartment. This particular loft bed does not meet the mandatory Consumer Products Safety Commission bunk bed code for residential use, and must not be used for this application.

Why does my bed-spring protrude on the end?

The IronNest is 78″ long so it will fit in confined spaces. A typical bed-spring is 80″ long and will protrude slightly. We recommend positioning the bed-spring flush at the end you climb into. If your bed-spring has hooks that further protrude we recommend covering them with a soft protective material such as a pipe-foam insulation or foam noodle.